Top Five

For Preschool/Pre-K at SPRCS we believe… 


  1. Imaginative play is a powerful tool-at SPRCS we believe that play is truly how our smallest students grow and learn. Students have the opportunities to have free play inside the classroom with dinosaurs, cars, a play kitchen, and outside with a separate preschool playground, outside toys like balls and chalk. 
  2. An integrated preschool program that helps with the transition into elementary school–the preschool at SPRCS places a strong emphasis on making sure our students are ready for kindergarten. The preschool students also do many of the things that the elementary school students do. They eat lunch in the cafeteria, they go to the Spanish room as well as the gym for Spanish and Phy. Ed. classes and they have designated STEM time. They also attend Mass throughout the year. All of this allows the transition into kindergarten to be more seamless and gives preschoolers more chances to learn and develop autonomy and independence. 
  3. Socioemotional learning begins in Preschool--at SPRCS we incorporate the tenets of Responsive Classroom into our school day in every classroom from Preschool to 8th grade. This program which starts with a morning circle each day helps students learn the tools to cultivate strong relationships with their peers and teachers as well as gives them verbal skills to advocate for their needs and critical thinking skills they will need to become successful and independent learners.
  4. It is never too early to learn about God–SPRCS is part of Faithful Beginnings–a program developed by the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence (CSCOE) with support of the archdiocese. This program ensures Faith and virtue formation are sown into all aspects of the curriculum, and children learn respect, love, forgiveness, service, and compassion. from day one. In this way, Faithful Beginnings students are welcomed into a community of faith, where they know they are loved and feel they belong.
  5. The option for before and after school care–Preschool students have the option to sign up for before and after school care so that families can create a schedule that works best for their unique situation and needs. 

In Elementary at SPRCS we believe… 


    1. In friendships for life–SPRCS is a small, tight-knit community. We take pride in our small class sizes and the fact that students spend their entire elementary and even middle school careers at St. Pascals. These facts allow students to forge bonds that last well beyond the walls of St. Pascals. Elementary students also take part in the Responsive Classroom program that helps students learn about how to be a good friend, citizen, and active, independent learners.  
    2. Strong student-teacher relationships–Research shows that the relationships that are formed between teacher and student are the indicative of success inside and outside the classroom. The teachers at SPRCS care. They love their job and their students. They understand that the single most important part of their job is to make sure their students feel seen, loved, and worthy of personal and academic success. These professionals bring to the classroom the highest degree of skill, commitment, and caring while still upholding academic rigor and preparing students for the day they will use their gifts to better their community.
    3. In opportunities for hands-on learning inside and outside of the classroom-elementary students at SPRCS are given many opportunities to learn inside and outside of the classroom. Elementary students take part in project-based learning. They go on many engaging and interesting field trips. They are given the opportunity to volunteer in the community. Students in third grade and up also take part in after school activities and clubs like drama, yearbook, art, and robotics.
    4. Christ-centered learning-Everything we do at SPRCS is grounded in our Catholic identity with Christ at the center. Every class starts the day in prayer, has 45 minutes of daily religion class, and goes to Mass each week. Elementary students are also in charge of leading mass a few times each year. Students also have prayer buddies from a different grade that they sit with at mass and do other faith-centered activities throughout the year. A new addition is an emphasis on virtue formation. Each grade spends the year studying a certain virtue as well as learning Bible verses that correspond.  
    5. High-Quality Education that emphasizes a strong mind, heart, and body–SPRCS is working hard to make sure students get the best education available. Most of our teachers have a Master’s degree or are working towards one. There is a new English Language Arts curriculum being introduced in the 2020-21 school year that received a perfect score from EdReports, a curriculum review company, and there will be a new STEM specialist that will be working with students for the 2020-21 school year.  We also understand that successful students not only have a strong mind but also a strong heart and body. This is why we offer weekly Mass and daily religion class as well as incorporate Phy. Ed. classes into the elementary schedule multiple times a week as well as a daily recess time. It is proven that students perform better in the classroom if they have time to strengthen their relationship with God and others as well as being able to move their bodies, get fresh air, and play with their peers.   

In Middle School at SPRCS we believe… 


    1. In building leaders-the, SPCRS Middle School focuses on helping students understand that being the oldest students in the building means that they have the opportunities and responsibility of being school leaders. There is an emphasis on the ideas that younger students will look up to them so they need to set a good example and be role models.  At the middle school level, students are also provided with the opportunities for mentorship, being an older prayer buddy to the elementary school students, and through being a part of the student council. 
    2. In FLEX time–Middle school students are given quality downtime in the middle of the day for them to explore the ideas or skills that interest them. It replaces recess and allows students to focus on something that interests them or that they need to work on more, not just going outside for 15 or 20 minutes. 
    3. In nurturing relationships–Middle school teachers spend time each day cultivating strong student-teacher relationships as well as peer relationships between students. All middle schoolers take part in the Responsive Classroom program that helps teach students the skills and tools they need to be successful students, good friends, and community members. This typically takes place during the morning meeting time at the beginning of the day. Many students have said that their favorite time of the day is morning meeting. 
    4. In a well-rounded curriculum–Middle school students have the core classes–math, science, Language Arts, and social studies every day but they also get Spanish every day, Phy. ed. 3 times a week, and Art, Health, and Technology on a rotating basis. They can take part in a band or choir if they sign up. Also, there are after school clubs that students can join free of charges such as art club, yearbook, drama club, or robotics. 
    5. In living out a Catholic Identity–Catholic identity formation is an integral part of the middle school at SPRCS. Each Middle school student receives a personal Catholic Youth Bible as a gift when they start MIddle School at SPRCS. This Bible is theirs to use throughout their career in Middle School. Students receive 45 minutes of religious education each day, they attend and help lead Mass on Wednesday mornings. They are a prayer buddy to a younger student.  Like in elementary school, a new addition is an emphasis on virtue formation. Middle schoolers learn about the virtues of humility, prudence, hope, temperance, and fortitude throughout their career.