Welcome to Faithful Beginnings at St. Pascal Regional Catholic School

A child’s first five years are a developmentally important time, laying the foundation for future success.  St.Pascal Regional Catholic School teaching staff creates inviting and engaging classroom spaces where students are excited to learn each day.

Students come together as a class community during times like Morning Meeting or to listen to a read-aloud.  Our teachers plan appropriately challenging thematic units and small group lessons to meet the skills of each student and support their growth.  Teachers also facilitate student creativity and curiosity by offering a variety of hands-on projects and opportunities for imaginative play.

We understand that learning is a social process; our teachers develop meaningful relationships with each student and work to help them explore positive relationships with their peers.  Through this learning environment that encourages natural curiosity and creativeness, our young learners discover how the world works, they develop a joy of lifelong learning, and they learn to speak and think articulately.

We encourage our youngest to be sincere, honest and kind in their work and play, as well as to develop the ability to adapt to new situations, to understand their own and others’ feelings and to manage them appropriately.

Four-Star Rating - Parent Aware Ratings are based on demonstrated use of research-based practices that prepare children for school and life. Each Rating level builds on the previous one, helping families easily identify which practices the program is using. St. Pascal Regional has the highest rating possible.

Our preschool program is accredited as part of a K-12 Program.

Faithful Beginnings program is an initiative that embodies the faith, values, and excellence that characterize our Catholic early childhood programs across the archdiocese. It highlights the safe, nurturing environments our preschools provide. More importantly, it supports our message that Catholic pre-K programs will give children a solid foundation that will last well beyond the pre-K years.


Children must be toilet-trained and have all required vaccinations in order to attend. Updated immunizations are required before a child may attend St. Pascal’s Preschool or PreK programs. Immunization records must be submitted to the school. St. Pascal’s DOES NOT ALLOW CONSCIENTIOUS EXEMPTION. (The only exception is for a medical condition documented by a physician).

Preschool and PreK programs follow the same academic calendar year as our K-8th grades and are in session from September until June.

Preschool has the option of enrolling year-round.

Faithful Beginnings at St. Pascal Regional Catholic School Contact Information
Program Director: Inna Collier Paske
Phone: 651-776-0092
Email: icollierpaske@stpascalschool.org


Early Childhood Screening (ECS) is required by State Law before starting Kindergarten. Screen at age 3 to help find health and learning problems sooner, so help may be found. ECS staff may connect you to early learning programs. ECS includes vision, hearing, speech, development and a health review.

To set up a FREE appointment, contact ECS in St. Paul at 651-632-3746. For Maplewood, Oakdale or North St. Paul, call 651-748-7289.

Additionally, if you have any concerns about your child’s growth and development, please talk to your child’s health care provider or call 1-866-693-GROW (4769) to talk to a professional and find out ways in which you can get connected to various resources in Minnesota.