Developing leaders from our Catholic Middle school in Saint Paul, MN

Our Middle School students in 5th-8th grade are immersed in a stimulating environment where they learn to take risks and try new endeavors every day. Through classroom discussions, presentations and debates, students are urged to express their feelings, needs, thoughts, and ideas honestly, responsibly and respectfully. Our teachers give students opportunities to make decisions and act independently as they assume the responsibility of being accountable for their academic and behavioral choices.

We believe students need opportunities to connect with their peers and feel comfortable in the environments in which they live. This connectivity is especially important for our maturing middle schoolers who are taking on greater responsibility. Students need to feel confident and gain more independence. To this end, we provide an environment where connections between cognitive and social-emotional learning empower students to become globally-minded citizens.

Students in Middle School are encouraged to take risks and investigate alternative approaches. As students develop the capacity to think abstractly, teachers focus on persevering in problem-solving, while strengthening computation in mathematics. Building on prior knowledge, students tackle new concepts. Their growing confidence allows them to actively engage in challenges, accept responsibility for their actions and believe that they will be successful in future endeavors.

Our goal is to help students grow in their relationship with God in age-appropriate ways. Along with character-building lesson plans, students participate in service projects, weekly mass and celebrate Catholic traditions. Our Catholic values are respected by people of all faiths and we welcome non-Catholic students. Values like kindness, service, teamwork, creativity, curiosity, respect, responsibility and leadership prepare our graduates for success in high school and beyond. Be a part of something greater at St. Pascal Regional Catholic School.

Knowing that there are different learning levels within a class, we strive to develop skills in each child. Lessons are multi-leveled to promote success for all students. In addition, our teachers use a variety of instructional strategies in their classrooms in order to meet the individual needs of their students. This differentiation may be in the content, activities, projects, use of ongoing assessment, or through flexible grouping. Teachers will also work with an individual student or small group to vary the teaching in order to create the best learning experience for the student.

Monitoring and communicating student progress involve multiple perspectives and sources of data: checklists, teacher observations, written and oral assessments, self-assessments, and portfolios. Information is formally communicated through standards-based reports in conjunction with parent/teacher conferences. The goal of communicating student progress in a timely and clear manner is to promote a sense of shared responsibility for supporting student growth and development.


P.E. & Health Teacher

Emily Rose

5th & 6th Grade Teacher

Kelsey Stern

MS Humanities Teacher

Maggie LeMay

Spanish, Art and Middle School Math/Science Teacher

Suzanne Allen