Financial Aid

Don’t let the cost of tuition deter your family from registering your children!


St. Pascal Baylon Catholic School uses TADS to assess your family’s financial need. TADS Financial Aid online application must be filled out if you would like to have the opportunity to receive tuition assistance. This form applies to students attending Catholic Schools throughout the Archdiocese. There is a $34 processing fee to apply for financial aid.

Financial assistance is calculated by TADS (a professional need evaluation service). TADS calculates the need and sends their recommendation to the school. The school determines the financial award based on the TADS recommendation and available funds, and notifies the parents/guardians of the award amount.

How to get started?

 It may be helpful to download and print the following worksheet to help you organize your information for online application:

New Families:

  • The opportunity to apply for Financial Aid is possible after completing the Admission and Enrollment online application. To start the process, click here!

Current Families:

  • Click on the TADS link below to start the process.
  • Apply for Financial Aid
  • PLEASE NOTE: Current Families who are not current in tuition payments at the time of aid application will not be considered for financial aid.

TADS is here to help! Call the TADS Parent Resource at 612-548-3320.  Spanish available.