A Catholic Elementary School to Serve All in Saint Paul, MN

First and foremost, our families, faculty, and staff make us special! It is through our shared commitment to the mission of faith, gospel values and academic excellence that we come together to serve our students, our parish and our community. Our dedicated and caring staff work closely with parents and students to foster a lifelong love of learning, and our close-knit, family-oriented atmosphere provides a warm and loving environment where lasting friendships are made and our students thrive.

At St. Pascal Regional Catholic School, we serve all. We place special emphasis on serving others within our school, our parish and our community. From our K students to our 4th-grade students, from our faculty and staff to our parents, we heed God’s call to serve one another in a variety of ways.

At St. Pascal Regional, we teach the whole child - mind, body, and spirit. Our students are taught the traditional subjects of Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies from K through 5th grade. In addition, we still teach cursive handwriting, Music, Art, foreign language and Physical Education as part of our curriculum. This is further enhanced with the use of the latest technology and ongoing computer instruction. Daily religious instruction reinforces our morals and values and teaches our children to build character and to serve our community.

St. Pascal Regional is the perfect sized school, enabling us to offer a wide variety of classes, after-school clubs, extra-curricular activities, academic competitions and athletic opportunities to our students, yet we are small enough to maintain a close and intimate community. With small class sizes, teachers know each child individually and provide the kind of daily encouragement that allows all children to flourish, feel valued, respected and safe.

A Catholic school is more than just a school with religious symbols, texts, and weekly Mass attendance. In a true Catholic school, spiritual growth is an integral part of all instruction. Whether in Math class, Social Studies or Religion class, Catholic ideals permeate student instruction. Instruction in the Catholic faith would not be complete without teaching our students to live that faith in their everyday lives. Students and staff put Catholic teaching into practice through projects that encourage students to examine and implement Catholic social teaching. Educators strive to use classroom management techniques that embody Gospel values and model those values to students every day.



Shea Bruce

1st grade

Barb Odhiambo

2nd grade

Pam Campbell

3rd grade

Anna Wiatros

4th grade

Krista Welle