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Greetings. I’m still not good at this blog stuff. Great news, Stacy (Narducci) Pleau provided me with a class picture from 1978. I connected with Stacy at the funeral of the father of Mike Mazur (1975). Mike lived next door to me and Stacy across the street. Our St Pascal Family! Pam (Kirchoff) Campbell (1974) is finishing up her 39th year teaching at St. Pascals. Pam was the source of the 1974 class picture. There are no words to express the gratitude she deserves for her commitment to St. Pascals.

Judy Juelich provided me a 1954 class picture that is posted. I have a line on a 1975 and a 1976 class picture, and maybe a 1965. Talk to everyone you know and help me fill out the slate of pictures.

And don’t forget to include St. Pascal Regional Catholic School in your charitable giving.

Blessed Regards,

Matt Pflugi
Class of 1972
Board Vice Chair


Happy New Year!

I’m so bad at this blogging stuff. Really, six weeks without an update? Updates that predate my last post?

Keith Brown, class of 1962, came in for a tour of the school last fall and provided me with one of my first class photos. He never got recognized for his contribution. My Bad.

I also got a class picture for 1980 from Jeff Blees. Jeff and I go back a long ways, it was great to catch up with him.

I also got to tour the catacombs of St Pascals with Fr. John Mitchell. We found class photos from 1958, 1990, 1991 and 1992.

AND the McMahon siblings Gene (1957) and Marian(McMahon) Turley (1958) provided their class pictures.

I can’t tell you how much this fun this is!!

Keep ’em coming.

Blessed Regards,


Fellow Alumni,

Thank you to all of you who have contributed to our annual appeal, progress is being made!! I’m still calling out for class pictures, look to see if yours is posted. If not, email it to me at We can’t do this without you!

Matt Pflugi
St. Pascal Class of 1972
SPRCS Board of Directors, Vice-Chair

Greetings St Pascal Alumni

I have to apologize for my ineptitude at being able to keep the "blog" up to date. I have reached out for coaching and hope to get better.

I have received a bunch of responses to our alumni letter. Its great that so many of you have reached out to tour St. Pascals, it really is fun. Thank you to those of you who have provided class pictures. We added:

1964, provided by Steve Giles,

1979, provided by Mark Regal,

1961, provided by Linda(Kroll)Rudeen, and

1959, provided by Rich McNamara.

I’m sorry to admit that there are three 1972 graduates on the SPRCS board and not one of us can produce a class photo!!

Blessed Regards to all of you.


St. Pascals Alumni

Hello Alumni!We have set up a couple of new pages for all of us to share stories, photos, memories, as well as an easy way to donate dollars to a great school!

The class of ‘74 photo above was submitted by Pam (Kirchoff) Campbell. Thanks Pam!

If you have a class photo or anything else you would like to share, please send me a note:

Hope to see or hear from the rest of you soon!