Meet Our Staff Members

Andrea Defiel

Pre Kindergarten teacher

The great staff and students that I get to work with everyday. I enjoy coming to work everyday.

Andrea Mathison

Pre-School Administrative Assistant

Seeing all the children and the respect they have for the staff and teachers. Also, having the Catholic faith and small class sizes.

Barb Odhiambo

1st Grade Teacher

I love the feeling of togetherness and family here at St. Pascal’s. Families are always so supportive of what’s going on in the classroom and around the school. It helps so much to work as a team.

Bonnie Rocklin

Pre-School Teacher

I love that everyone is so welcoming and I feel like I am a part of a wonderful team of teachers and staff. I love that the school is small enough where we get to know all of the students.

Bridgette Lensing

P.E. & Health Teacher

I like St. Pascals because of its friendly staff, hardworking and respectful students and our supportive parents and community members. Here we are truly a family!

Cayla Ronke

Pre Kindergarten Teacher

I love working at St. Pascal Regional because I love being able to teach younger children about God. I also appreciate St. Pascal's loving community.

Colleen Urness

2nd Grade Teacher

I am truly blessed to work with such wonderful people who are like a family to me. I love to meet all of the new students and families each year and look forward to seeing the students and their families from previous years.

Erin Blood

Kindergarten Teacher

I like that St. Pascals is a very welcoming place. The first time the kindergarteners start blending sounds to make words. It's magic!

Inna Collier Paske

Principal & Pre-School Director

I love to work at St. Pascal Regional because it’s a place where I can make a difference, share my faith, and impact students’ lives. I feel blessed working with a great team of coworkers who share the same vision and who are passionate about Catholic Education.

Jessica Mack-Hafermann

City Connects Coordinator

John Owens

Middle School STEM Teacher

St. Pascals has an amazing sense of community. The students, parents, faculty, and staff all work together to create a positive atmosphere that leads to an excellent learning environment.

Kaitlyn Baker

Administrative Assistant

I like working at St. Pascal Regional as every day is interesting and diverse. One moment lego robots are driving to the office door on exploration to helping apply a bandaid to a younger student.

Kelsey Riesterer

6th Grade Teacher

I like working at St. Pascals because I get to know each student well and build strong relationships with each one of them. At St. Pascals I also enjoy that we have time to do hands-on science activities to make learning exciting.

Krista Welle

4th Grade Teacher

My favorite thing about St. Pascal’s is the students and staff. We are a family here. We work hard together and enjoy some fun times too! Parental support is so important in our mission and our families are the best.

Leah Eviston

Advancement Director

Working at St.Pascals is a rewarding experience for anyone who believes in the power of education. Our teachers, administrators, and staff focus on academics, as well as help guide children, to learn about faith, love, charity, and community.

Maggie LeMay

Middle School Humanities Teacher

I enjoy working at St. Pascals because of the relationships that I have been able to form with both my colleagues and the students. I also like that I can integrate Catholic identity into every one of my lessons, not just in Religion class.

Nancy Masson

Music Teacher and Librarian

I find the most wonderful part about teaching at St.Pascals is the diverse student population and caring staff. It is an amazing community!

Pam Campbell

5th Grade Teacher

My favorite thing about Saint Pascal’s is the partnership between the parents and teachers. The parents are very supportive at our school. There is good communication between teachers and parents and both groups are willing to talk and meet with the best intentions of the students in mind.

Shea Bruce

3rd Grade Teacher

I like St. Pascals because of our wonderful students, supportive families, and experienced staff. I look forward to coming to work every day.

Suzanne Allen

Spanish and Art Teacher

I very much appreciate the support of our wonderful parents. The children are a pleasure to work with along with the friendly and professional staff.