7th Grade Curriculum

St. Pascal Baylon Religion Philosophy

At St. Pascal Baylon School, our Religion program will help lay a foundation for our students’ spiritual growth and knowledge of the Catholic faith. Through prayer, study, scripture, sacraments, liturgy experiences and service to others, the students will have opportunities to connect their faith to daily living.
Our goal is for all students at St. Pascal Baylon School to grow in their understanding of:

  • The teachings and lived traditions of the Catholic faith
  • The celebration of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation
  • The Bible as it relates to everyday life
  • The development of morals based on our Catholic faith
  • The value of praying personally, communally and liturgically
  • Their experience with the Church’s social teachings

St. Pascal Baylon Language Arts Philosophy

We believe that language is essential for learning. Effective oral and written communication enhances both personal and social development. The purpose of our language arts curriculum is to provide reading, writing, listening and speaking skills necessary to meet the demands of both schoolwork and daily life.

St. Pascal Baylon Reading Philosophy

At St. Pascal Baylon School we provide all students with the necessary skills to become successful and independent readers. Our reading curriculum focuses on providing students with the necessary reading skills such as decoding, comprehension, and thinking critically about what they read; lessons are taught whole group and in small settings. Our expectation is that reading skills are applied in all curriculum areas so as to foster in our students an understanding that reading is an essential tool for learning. We provide experiences with a variety of genre to encourage a lifelong love of reading.
Reading Goals
Seventh and Eighth Grade

  • To appreciate a variety of genres, authors, and literary styles (poetry, historical fiction, biographies, newspapers, periodicals, young adult fiction, non-fiction, plays, short stories, etc.)
  • To understand author’s intent (through study of vocabulary, tone, inferences, facts, opinions, and literary devices)
  • To use reading skills independently
  • To make connections between reading and students’ daily lives
  • To prepare for future high school reading and competency tests
  • To produce written and oral responses to reflect reading comprehension
  • To read books that value people of both genders, all ages, and from various cultures

St. Pascal Baylon Spelling Philosophy

We believe in the importance of correct spelling in students’ daily work. The teachers will help the students understand the editing process as a means for identifying words that are spelled incorrectly. Spelling is taught through the Reading/Language Arts curriculum and emphasized throughout daily work.
Our goals for the spelling program at St. Pascal Baylon School include:

  • Consistent expectations of correct spelling in all content areas
  • Emphasis on self-correction at appropriate grade levels
  • Use of peer editing when appropriate

St. Pascal Baylon Math Philosophy

At St. Pascal Baylon we believe that every child can be successful at learning mathematics. We believe children learn best in an active environment in which they work together, think together, and communicate about the mathematics they are learning. A balance between exploration, computation, problem solving, and mathematics used in daily life will be the focus of our instruction. Each student will be able to understand mathematics by continuously building on the foundation of mathematical concepts and applications taught and experienced over time.
Our goals for each student at St. Pascal Baylon School are…

  • To become actively involved in the exploration and learning of mathematics concepts
  • To apply problem solving skills to real life experiences
  • To develop critical thinking skills through problem solving experiences
  • To make connections and apply mathematics to their daily lives
  • To think and communicate their ideas using mathematical language
  • To develop analytical and logical reasoning skills
  • To be prepared for a successful secondary school mathematical experience

Mathematics Grade Level Scope and Sequence
The following list outlines the major math concepts taught within the designated grade level(s):
Seventh Grade: Pre-Algebra

  • Understand and use number ideas
  • Understand and use variables as replacements for numbers
  • Compute with integers and rational numbers
  • Write and solve algebra equations using addition and multiplication
  • Demonstrate recognition of common geometric shapes
  • Determine measurements of polygons and angles by using measuring instruments or formulas for computing perimeter, area, and volume
  • Use the concepts of ratio, proportion, and percent
  • Apply learned problem solving strategies
  • Locate points on the coordinate system
  • Display data on various types of graphs

St. Pascal Baylon Science Philosophy

At St. Pascal Baylon School we believe that every child can be successful at learning science. Our curriculum focuses on the basic principles of physical, life, and earth sciences. We believe children learn best in an active environment in which they work together, think together, and communicate about the science they are learning. We strive to create a balance of instructional experiences using lecture, discussion, and a variety of exploration and hands-on activities. We hope students will gain an appreciation for science by applying these principles in their daily lives.
In Sixth through Eighth Grade our goal is for each student is to…

  • Communicate scientifically in written and verbal form
  • Demonstrate their ability to use scientific equipment properly
  • Successfully apply the scientific process by:
    • Recording information based on data and observations of investigations
    • Drawing conclusions that help correlate lab experiences to current content
    • Develop and apply the skills necessary for independent research
    • Make connections from scientific discovery to their daily lives

St. Pascal Baylon Social Studies Philosophy

At St. Pascal Baylon School, our students will learn to be caring and responsible citizens. Students will be encouraged in their curiosity to explore the constantly changing world around them. Our curriculum focuses on the basic principles of History, Geography, and current issues in our world today. We believe children learn best in an active environment in which they work together, think together, and communicate about the world in which they are living. We strive to create a balance of instructional experiences using lecture, discussion, and a variety of exploration and interactive learning activities.
In Sixth through Eighth Grade our goal for each student is to…

  • Foster curiosity about and connections to local, national and global issues
  • Develop an understanding of how cultural influences affect the way we interact and relate to the world around us
  • Learn about the decision-making process necessary to participate in a democratic society
  • Learn the importance of taking an active role in their world (locally, nationally, internationally)
  • Through the use of technology, literature and lecture the students will be exposed to global communities and understand how all people are interconnected
  • Prepare students to live in a world of tremendous challenges and rapid changes

St. Pascal Baylon Specialist Curriculum

St. Pascal Baylon Spanish Philosophy

We believe that the study of the Spanish language and culture will foster a broader understanding and appreciation of our ever-increasing multi-cultural community and world. Introduction to Language and Culture is the focus in Kindergarten – grade 2 and an Intermediate level of Language and Culture learning in grades 3-5.
Our goal is for the students to complete a program during 6th, 7th and 8th grades that is equivalent to the first level of high school Spanish. Students who excel are encouraged to begin second level or higher in their first year of high school.
Our goal for each middle school student is to…

  • Express themselves meaningfully using both the written and verbal language
  • Develop the skills necessary for beginning conversational Spanish
  • Understand and apply the rules of grammar to the Spanish language
  • Become aware of the culture and geography of the Spanish-speaking countries

St. Pascal Baylon Music and Visual Art Philosophy

At St. Pascal Baylon School we provide our students with introductory skills, knowledge and positive experiences in the arts. The students are given many opportunities to become actively engaged in learning about and creating music and art. Skills and concepts are presented in a gradual, developmentally appropriate sequence. St. Pascal Baylon strives to create a skill-based foundation that will enrich students’ appreciation of the arts and motivate them to pursue future participation in both music and art.
Our goal for each student in music is to…

  • Develop performance skills through singing and playing Orff instruments
  • Understand musical theory and notation by performing songs and instrumental pieces, which utilize the theory concepts being taught.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of a variety of musical
  • Styles and cultures by singing, playing, and listening to a wide range of music.
  • Be exposed to a basic history of music

Our goal for each student in art is to…

  • Develop artistic appreciation by viewing works of art
  • Develop an understanding of a particular media and artistic concepts
  • Develop skills in drawing and painting, color mixing, and clay construction
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the five basic elements of art (line, shape, color, texture, value) in the production of works of art
  • Complete projects which exhibit individual creative interpretations
  • Develop skills in visualization

St. Pascal Baylon Physical Education Philosophy

At St. Pascal Baylon School our students will develop an understanding of the importance of physical education and how it relates to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Our students will develop physical and social skills as we focus on physical and health development in our program. They will work cooperatively in a learning environment in which unit and daily goals will be used to help students develop higher-level skills. At St. Pascal Baylon School we balance competition with other values gained from participation in sports. St. Pascal Baylon strives to create a program that is fun, challenging, promotes a positive self-image, and is safe for all of our students.
In the Middle School, our goal for each student is to…

  • Consistently demonstrate fair play and good sportsmanship
  • Know and understand the rules of the sports covered in the curriculum
  • Follow all safety guidelines to help maintain a safe learning environment
  • Recognize & appreciate that students develop physical skills at different rates
  • Develop the skills necessary for participation in some lifelong physical activities

St. Pascal Baylon School also as an athletic program with athletic policies.

St. Pascal Baylon Library and Computer Philosophy

At St. Pascal Baylon our students will develop an understanding of libraries, research, and the use of computers. We provide our student with access to quality literature and reference sources, in print and electronic formats. Our curriculum focuses on developing organizational and decision-making skills necessary for students to accomplish introductory research tasks. Our curriculum encourages both individual and group work using an interactive approach to learning. We believe that children learn best in an active learning environment. We try to connect the 21st Century Skills curriculum being taught in the classrooms with the curriculum being taught in both computer and library. The students will be able to access the appropriate resources and use research and computer skills to enhance their education beyond St. Pascal Baylon.
Our goal for each student in the Sixth through Eighth Grade Computer/Technology Curriculum is to…

  • Reinforce typing and word processing skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to create a database and use it to organize and sort information
  • Demonstrate the ability to create a spreadsheet using formulas
  • Use multimedia software to present a different perspective on varied subjects
  • Use Hypercard as a simple programming tool to create moving pictures
  • Use graphic software to learn simple concepts in layout design
  • Use computers and iPads as a tool to enhance cross-curricular learning in Spanish, Art, Social Studies, Math, and English