5th Grade

Pam Campbell

5th Grade Teacher


Number of year at St. Pascal’s:
36 Years

Favorite thing about St. Pascal’s:
My favorite thing about Saint Pascal’s is the partnership between the parents and teachers. The parents are very supportive at our school. There is good communication between teachers and parents and both groups are willing to talk and meet with the best intentions of the students in mind.

Hobbies outside of school:
I enjoy reading, going to movies and traveling to new places. I also enjoy trying new things, including visiting new places and experiences in the Twin Cities.

Interesting fact about you:
I have been a member of Saint Pascal’s community since 1960. I was baptized into this great community in 1960 and attended Saint Pascal’s school grades 1-8. After graduating from the University of River Falls in 1982, I began working at Saint Pascal’s teaching the 2nd grade. After receiving my Masters in Education, I moved to the 5th grade, where I am still currently teaching.

Curriculum Overview

St. Pascal Baylon Religion Philosophy
At St. Pascal Baylon School, our Religion program will help lay a foundation for our students’ spiritual growth and knowledge of the Catholic faith. Through prayer, study, scripture, sacraments, liturgy experiences and service to others, the students will have opportunities to connect their faith to daily living.
Our goal is for all students at St. Pascal Baylon School to grow in their understanding of:

  • The teachings and lived traditions of the Catholic faith
  • The celebration of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation
  • The Bible as it relates to everyday life
  • The development of morals based on our Catholic faith
  • The value of praying personally, communally and liturgically
  • Their experience with the Church’s social teachings
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